Guiding Banks towards Financial Success

Guiding Banks towards Financial Success

Guiding Banks towards Financial SuccessGuiding Banks towards Financial SuccessGuiding Banks towards Financial Success

Financial Consulting For a Successful Journey 

The banking industry is experiencing a tremendous wave of strategic changes, including operative scrutiny, bank regulatory changes, and so much more.

As a result, there is a unique opportunity for some banks to adjust and emerge as market leaders in this new environment. While for some, they must rethink their business model and be bold in reorienting their operation s— or risk being left behind as the banking industry changes around them. That's where Consultium comes in.

Whether we're helping to maximize value, identify the next M & A opportunity, or safeguard reputations, Consultium consultancy empowers banks with the necessary tools they need to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.


About US


Consultium is an independent, specialist consultancy providing a wide range of banking and financial services, including fundraising, public relations as well as mergers and acquisitions. 

From emerging markets to developed economies, Consultium consultants bring a blend of innovation and fresh thinking to provide banks with the support they need to achieve their corporate objectives. 

Consultium works with determined financial institutions who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we represent a bold desire to transform economic opportunities into reality across the Middle East and Africa.



Vision Statement

To be a financially viable, independent firm that is committed to the delivery of impactful consultancy services in the finance and banking areas.

Mission Statement

To help financial institutions achieve their corporate objectives through the experience, knowledge, and resources of Consultium

Our Approach 

Consultium always conforms to ethical standards in all financial transactions with clients to promote long-term relationships built around honesty, mutual respect, and fair play.


Our People 

Consultium consultants have a deep understanding of the banking industry to help banks achieve better, faster, and extraordinary results in today's complex banking industry.

Our Market

Consultium believes in the Middle East and Africa as a home for both start-up and established banks. With the financial markets changing so quickly, we always have an eye on the imminent impact this may have on the banking industry.

As a result, we focus on creating value for banks through exceptional technical quality, in-depth knowledge of market sectors, and keen financial insights.

Our Services



Providing Financial Direction

Fundraising is an essential source of funds for every financial institution. In today's financial industry, many banks lose sleep over sustaining and establishing funding sources to achieve their corporate objectives.

Having a wide range of funding sources, however, is easier said than done. It requires creativity and solid background research to secure lucrative opportunities with key company executives. At Consultium, we not only provide an assortment of fundraising solutions but also deliver significant fundraising strategies to enable banking institutions to move forward successfully.

Funding sources rarely occur, patient relationship building, and detailed knowledge of what both banks and investors require is crucial to securing funding opportunities.

We interact closely with venture capital, private equity, and high net worth investors continuously and have a good understanding of their investment philosophy and preferences.

Consultium begins with a fundraising evaluation to identify fundraising solutions as well as a bank's existing strategies and sources. We then develop a corporate fundraising strategy that helps banks to reach the most appropriate investor-bank fit, thus delivering the best value.

From conception through ideation to execution, Consultium consultants are ready to assist banks in establishing a fiscal advantage for future growth and sustainability.

Relationship building with banks


Maximizing Value of Banking Relationships

Public relations are one of the most critical assets of a company as it helps to establish and maintain lines of communication between a company and its affiliates. However, as a company grows, public relations tends to become one of its main challenges.

Relationship building is at the core of Consultium – assisting banks with the strategic advice required to navigate their institutional connections with correspondent banks.

Consultium approach starts with evaluating the PR situation of the client – the challenges and the opportunities – ensuring we understand their unique value propositions.

Beginning with defining the objectives, we set out an exciting narrative that boosts the client's reputation and special alliances with correspondent banks.

Whatever the need, Consultium public relationship team possess specialist knowledge of the needs of banks, their correspondents as well as the narratives that motivate them.

 We choose our team members to ensure we have the right expertise to expertly manage every aspect of a client's public relations challenge, with business value at the forefront of our approach.

Mergers & Acquisition


Drive measurable value creation

Planning or just anticipating a business merger and acquisition is a complex process that plays a significant role on a company's future as well as its shareholder value.

From a start-up's viewpoint, a merger or acquisition usually provides a unique opportunity for fast growth and access to capital. While the need to improve skill sets and expand into new market areas act as motivators for established companies looking to partake in an M & A transaction.

Whether you're looking to seize the next M&A opportunity or realize your growth ambitions by expanding into new markets, Consultium consultants can help build a competitive advantage through M&A.

Consultium consultants bring their expertise to all elements of an M&A deal, including:

Acquisition Search

Identifying the right target is highly essential to making an acquisition deal a success. With a key focus on the Middle East and Africa, Consultium develop a road map to identify small bank acquisition deals that are a 'right fit' for clients.

Due Diligence

Consultium collaborates seamlessly with bank due diligence teams to help develop an investment thesis that is supported by strategic and growth opportunities.

Implementation Support

Consultium consultants support clients in developing detailed M&A strategies and provide an executable road map for implementation.


We are growing - Be part of something great

Tap into an extensive network of Consultium partners who reframe financial challenges and set new standards for performance and growth within the banking industry. 

There has never been a better time to become an Consultium partner, and our partner community is leading the way. 

As an Consultium partner, you'll lead the progress of the firm while providing the industry knowledge and insight required to achieve lasting results in the banking industry. 

Whatever it takes to make you succeed, the Consultium partner community has you covered.

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